BEWARE… “facebook virus” on the go



hi…s i normally have nthin else 2 do n m still very busy doin nothin…. I tho8 of makin sm sense dis time by tellin a few things bout facebook….which u must have been already knowing!So….our addiction 4 fb starts at such n age where, if u get conscious u may crack iit,aipmt,iim n ias xams. No matter how uncool n bloody worthless we r….our fb status already respects us….!Whether he/she is ur worst enemy in life….if u wanna abuse him…. B his frnd! Y didnt zuckerberg add n enemy panel so dats things wud b clearer?India wins world cup, u like it……a.raja nibbles thousand of crores….u like it….earthquake in indonesia parted many bodies wid dere souls…. U STILL HAVE 2 LIKE IT!!! Got my point?How did it kno abraham,mary,susanne…tom were my top10 frnds wen 9 of dem dont kno me! Or say i dont know dem….dey were my frnds coz most of dem were gals who looked sexy n received a frnd request 4m me honouring dere looks….d guys were jst added…dunno y n wen!so u r on fb coz u wanna b connected 2 ur frnds everytime? y dont u get connected wid d ones sitting 2 ur left n ri8….2 d 1s who have been calling u 4 so long n u cudnt receive dere call jst coz u were 2 busy facebooking!S 4 d term busy… d f did u manage 2 update ur status wen u were so bloody busy???Gender discrimination is d biggest problem dat needs 2 b sorted out in d fb world. Male gets n oscar , 13 likes n 21 comments, riya’s puppy ate a full ice-cream 2day….. 20 superlikes, 87 likes n 239 comments,most of d commentators being dogs! So basically d comments r clueless phrases 4m guys who jst wanna say M ALSO 1 OF D DOGS U SUD CONSIDER 4 UR BF KINDA BUSINESS! N dudes, sending frnd requests 2 random girls @100/day will never get u a GF, I ASSURE U. Dose who send BEST FRND REQUEST App, do u need a request 2 b sent 2 make sm1 ur best frnd?Mafia wars is a pain….u die 4 nothing, farmville is crap, u go begging, y dont u water sm real plants instead? Y do u need dinosours in dis present world?U r eating d best pizza ever….how does it help d frnd list…? Go screw urself! N u think d quizes really test ur iq??? Really???oh yes, dey actually prove its equal 2 zero by inflating u by d result! FB actually helps u in selecting a soccer team too…. D ones included in d team dont even kno whether d spelling is SOCCER or SUCKER!!! So all dis crap n still u wanna b d whole day refreshing ur fb page…WTFokkkk…..gotta update my status…m a bit busy now….c ya! Bye 🙂

Build Quality Backlinks in 2019

A very informative article on how to generate quality backlinks:

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What is a backlink?

A backlink is known as “Incoming Links” to the website.  When you link any other page to your webpage it is called backlink. Therefore, a backlink is one of the important metric used for ranking your website in the search engine results. Want to know how you can do this?

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Some Commonly Confused Words in English

Worth a read

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The word “can” is used on many occasions where the actual intention is to use “may”.

When you “can” do something, it means you have the capability to do something, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll do it.

For instance, you “can” jump off a building. But obviously, you won’t!

On the other hand, when you use “may”, it means you are asking for permission. So, if you want to leave a meeting in between, you should say “May I leave the meeting now?” rather than saying “Can I leave the meeting now?”

Want to know about a few more of such commonly confused words? You have hit the right link! While some of these may be homophones, many are not; read on!

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Social Media lessons

Social Media

This year has been a successful one for social media. Not only have we seen the usage of Twitter and Facebook rise, but we have also seen some (well quite a few) new social media platforms arise.  Starting with Snapchat; which has become a very popular way to send images to friends and just communicate for fun. Not only is Snapchat one of the newest popular social media platforms but we also have the likes of Instagram (including features such as InstaVid & Instagram Direct) and Vine; which is a platform that allows its users to upload video’s which can be a maximum of 6 seconds.

Social media is more visual

Social media, in my opinion, is beginning to get more and more visual. First, we had Facebook and Twitter starting off as text based social media platforms, now they (more so Twitter than Facebook) are encouraging its…

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A serious warning


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abhishek upadhyay photography

abhishek upadhyay photography

A picture that i shot in my college, Hindustan University, Chennai. It shows a board that instructs students not to go towards the pond area(as it was a dangerous accident prone spot), but somebody did something seriously funny and i clicked this picture.